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Pivot & Sell: The 3 Truths And Un-truths To How A Successful Product Business Grows, Survives And Thrives Right Now.

Learn the secrets to maximizing your revenue from two product-based business experts

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“How can I make more sales?” 
- Every product-based business owner, ever

  You will learn
  • How to create a plan to boost sales and grow your business right
  • The 3 Truths and un-Truths to how a successful product business grows, survives and thrives right now.
  • ​The Implementation Plan - how to grow your product business on multiple platforms and stop throwing spaghetti at the wall
  • ​How to pivot your products or messaging so that you are relevant to your customers.

"...working with Jacq and Minna was the key to figuring out what was next for my business.

I had hit a point where I was doing well, but wanted to move to the next level — more revenue, more channels, more products. They've helped me feel more confident in my next steps. They've opened me up to options I hadn't considered (some even out of my comfort zone!) that have all helped me grow as a business owner. Jacq and Minna give clear, actionable advice but also recognize when you're stuck in a certain mindset and help you out of it. Working with them has been so valuable, and I can't wait to reach the next biz milestone knowing they've helped me get there!"

- Christine Herrin, Everyday Explorers Co.


It's time to get scrappy and creative when it comes to your business.

(Because if you’re not, chances are, you’re leaving money on the table.)

Did you know...

Less than 5% of female-owned businesses make more than $1,000,000 per year.

...And we’re on a mission to change that. Right. NOW.


Together we have...

  • 27+ years of combined experience in building product-based businesses
  • ​Built a multi-six figure product-based business by leveraging Amazon
  • ​Helped 1000+ fashion brands grow their businesses, including celebrity brands
  • ​Spoken on stages including Dallas Market, LA Textile Show, Sourcing At Magic and Biz Chix
  • ​Hosted The Product Boss Podcast, an Apple Top 100 Business Podcast

So take it from two product-based business experts…

Numbers don’t lie.

The secret to growing a product-based business is to get comfortable with your numbers and understand how to use them to maximize revenue. (So you can be the kind of Product Boss who breaks through that 7-figure ceiling!)
And that’s exactly what this masterclass is all about.


“This has put a fire under my butt, and I am so thankful for this program!

I am making an entire "thread" of graphics for deals and promotions. I am so excited for this season, instead of dreading it like I was before."

- Amanda Rose Rauktys
Anjel Rose Photography

"I was so overwhelmed and didn't know what I should focus on/do first.

The step by step guidance, focusing on small chunks of progress, has been incredibly helpful and stress relieving." 

- Ann Gardner

"So great, extremely helpful in coming up with ideas.

Thanks so much for this. I'm starting to email my customers because I finally feel good about what I'm sending out." 

- Jaime Lehman

Ready to set yourself up for more sales and more revenue?

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